D8.1 Exploitation Plan

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Number: Deliverable 8.1
Title: Exploitation Plan
Submission date: 30/11/2019


This deliverable is organized into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 introduces the context of the exploitation activities and approach, and states the purpose of the document.
  • Chapter 2 tries to identify the reference market for the SIMARGL integrated toolkit, giving an overview of the current state of malware, ransomware and stegomalware and to the analysis of detection tools and methods to face these threats, and sets a preliminary SWOT analysis of the project outcomes.
  • Chapter 3 focuses mainly on the needs perceived by LEAs, end-users, and other potential users of the SIMARGL results. The chapter also describes the single features of the existing tools and solutions made available by the consortium and shortly depicts the potential added value of an integrated toolkit.
  • Chapter 4 represents the heart of the document and provides an initial exploitation plan from an individual to an integrated point of view, the project exploitation strategy and the expected benefits and impact of the project on the involved actors and on the community represented by researchers, users, LEAs and stakeholders.
  • Chapter 5 is dedicated to the general description of the SIMARGL plan for Intellectual Property Rights of the project results.
  • Chapter 6 highlights the SIMARGL next steps related to WP8 Exploitation Planning, mentioning and shortly presenting the forthcoming tasks and deliverables.