EICC 2021: European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference
From Wednesday 10 November 2021
To Thursday 11 November 2021

Malware is now recognized as the severe threat for commercial and critical IT systems (e.g., financial sector), but also for citizens (e.g., mobile malware). The importance of detecting malware is increasing since attacks evolve, and we can observe more and more sophisticated types and attack vectors, such as ransomware, mobile malware etc. One of the recent and growing threats is coming from the use of hidden information and so called stegomalware.

The main aim of this special session is to bring together researchers and scientists working on malware detection, stegomalware, machine learning for cyber security, as well as on explainable and secure AI in the context of cybersecurity. The special session is supported by H2020 project SIMARGL.

The list of possible topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • detection of malware, stegomalware, ransomware
  • machine learning solutions to fight malware
  • machine learning to detect covert channels and hidden malicious information
  • architectures to fight malware
  • tools and products to fight malware
  • aspects of explainability of information analysis systems and methods (incl. explainability of ML)
  • adversarial attacks + explainability of deep learning
  • case studies and real-world applications
  • human rights, legal and societal aspects of fighting malware
Location Targu Mures, Romania