Location: Poland

WUT will be represented in the consortium by the Division of Cybersecurity, affiliated at the Institute of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (FEIT), which is the part of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), located in Warsaw, Poland. It was established in 2015. The team consists of 11 people and 25 PhD students. The division is headed by Prof. Krzysztof Szczypiorski, PhD, DSc.

WUT has experience in the field of telecommunication, including issues related to security aspects, such as network anomaly detection, digital forensics, open-source intelligence, digital system design for cybersecurity, FPGA-based security systems, cryptographic protocols and crypto analytical tools, trust management, security of (multi-) agent systems, bio-inspired offensive/defensive cybersecurity techniques, hiding information in networks (network steganography, watermarking and traffic morphing). They have been involved in domestic and internationally funded projects on cybersecurity forensics, anomaly detection, big data processing and mobile networking.

We also have experience in educational activities. Currently we supervise ca. 70 BSc and MSc theses. Recently we have started a new major in the curriculum for MSc students at the FEIT Faculty, named “Cybersecurity”, aiming at educating highly qualified specialists in the field of cybersecurity. We are also planning to elaborate a similar new study direction for the BSc engineering students.