Location: Italy

Pluribus One is a research-intensive company based in Italy, focused on providing innovative solutions for cyber security, machine vision, and other datadriven applications. The company was born as a spin-out of the Pattern Recognition and Applications (PRA) Lab of the University of Cagliari, with which it maintains a strong and solid connection. While Pluribus One has been recently established (August 2015), its staff has more than 20 years of experience in world-class research, and in providing solutions based on pattern-recognition and machine-learning technologies for realworld applications. Its staff has a long-time expertise (including coordination capabilities) in participating in research and innovation projects through the PRA Lab of the University of Cagliari, Italy.

In particular, the staff of Pluribus One coordinated two European projects in the field of cyber security in the period 2014-2016 (CyberRoad and IllBuster). In 2017, Pluribus One participated to the WAFFLE Project (Web-Application Firewall for Large-scale Phishing Attacks) an EIT Digital funded innovation action. The company is now involved in the H2020 project LETSCROWD (as a linked third-party of the University of Cagliari) and in the H2020 ALOHA Project (Software framework for runtime-Adaptive and secure deep Learning On Heterogeneous Architectures), where it leads the tasks ensuring the security by design of the platform.

Pluribus One has brought to the market Attack Prophecy, an advanced solution for the protection of the Web Services. Attack Prophecy goes beyond the signature based approaches, and leverages on a pool of specialized models to categorize anomalous events to highlight and protect against a broad range of intrusions and attack attempts.