Location: Poland

OPL has over 10 years of experience in Cybersecurity and an established team of highly certified and awarded security professionals, both in the area of SOC (Security Operations Center) and CERT (Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team). Some of the certificates and awards granted include: Right to use CERT® from Carnegie Mellon University 2006, Member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) 2011, TI Trusted Introducer 2016, MANRS (Manually Agreed Norms and Routing Security) 2018. This level of experience guarantees a profound knowledge and expertise to support the project.

CERT is a crucial part of the entire Security infrastructure at Orange Polska. Monthly number of security events registered by the team exceeded 10 billion in 2017. Automated environment functioning within its borders allows detection of security incidents that deviate from established norms and anticipates system and user activities. There were almost 148 thousand anomalies registered per month throughout 2017. Many were classified as incidents and required our experts to carry out thorough investigations. In 2017 CERT Orange Polska processed the total of 12 029 incidents.

CERT also publishes an annual Orange Polska CERT Report which is made available to the public through the Orange Website. Aiming to build awareness and cause discussion, the Report has become a respected industry source of knowledge for the entire cybersecurity community, establishing Orange Polska’s position as a market expert in the field.

Aside from having a well-developed team and a set of tools Orange Polska also provides a number of security services and products to the B2B and B2C markets in Poland and abroad:

  • Cybershield (Cybertarcza) being one of the top endeavors, has gathered over 3k active and 24k passive users per month in 2017. As a service established to answer a specific market need for detection of threats in the network and securing users from malicious activity, it is so far the only such ISP service offered in Poland. Due to the benefit of seamless and automatic work performed in the background the comfort of use is highly advantageous to the users.
  • Safe Starter (Bezpieczny Starter) – a solution designated to protect children in the era of modern communication by allowing to block adult content, special numbers and malicious software. It also enables geolocation of a child and emergency calls to a parent or guardian at a click of a button.
  • Security Services – Orange Polska is a recognized provider of various security services such as SOCaaS to customers from Poland and abroad. Using internally available tools and expertise of Orange Polska CERT we assist our business Partners in securing their businesses in a number of ways.
  • CERT Web Portal (Portal Bezpieczeństwa) – the portal is available publically as a source of indepth technical and non-technical analysis of cybersecurity related researches and issues. It is aimed for both the very technical readers as well as for those who want to understand more about the general aspects of cybersecurity.