Location: Czech Republic

The IIR is a Prague-based independent research institution established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conducting both basic and applied research in the fields of international relations, security, global studies, international development, international law, European politics and integration.

The IIR research teams significantly intensified their focus on the issues of multilateralism and global order in the past eight years so that the related research program became one of its major research programs and attracted a considerable international cooperation. According to the governmental Methodology of Evaluation of Research Organisations’ Outcomes and Evaluation of the Finished Programmes’ Outcomes (valid for the years 2014 – 2016) the Institute of International Relations puts emphasis particularly on the creation of excellent results in basic research in international and domestic contexts.

The IIR also publishes a number of academic journals and books, and it offers a joint PhD programme in International Relations and European Studies. The IIR is thus the only Czech research institution in the area of international studies, forming a bridge between the academic world, state administration and policy execution, the general public and the national and international practitioners. In the centre of our activities is basic as well as applied research, which is used to assist in the formation of foreign policy as well as to improve the public debate on foreign policy and European politics and policies.

To maintain the high relevance of our research internationally, the IIR puts emphasis on its intensive collaboration with several selected research networks: the CEEISA, EISA, TEPSA, EPIN, EADI, ECPR, the EU Non-Proliferation Consortium and EuroMeSCo. The IIR is also a proud member of the Think Visegrad network of research institutions and think-tanks.