Location: France

Airbus CyberSecurity SAS is a subsidiary of Airbus Group providing high grade cyber-security services and solutions for private and public actors, including governments, companies and critical infrastructures. Besides its mission to protect Airbus Group, Airbus CyberSecurity SAS (ACS) has acquired a strong experience on military and national security projects. ACS is one of the trusted security actors selected by the French national authority for information security (ANSSI) to provide labelled security services to the French national-critical infrastructures (Opérateurs d’Importance Vitale). With 2 other main facilities in the United Kingdom and Germany, Airbus CyberSecurity SAS is by design a European player, capable to enforce standardization of cybersecurity solutions at multi-domestic level. In end 2016, Airbus CyberSecurity SAS has been awarded a frame contract for cyber-security of EU institutions as prime contractor of a European-wide consortium covering a wide range of cyber-defence services.